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Who is Chevy?

Hello! My name is Chevany Lewis but everyone calls me Chevy, I’m 21 years old and I’m what you’d call a creative spirit. I’m a Tourism Management major in Jamaica and I spend almost all of my free time creating content for my blog. I’m also a lover of new experiences, traveling and the biggest foodie you’ll ever meet.

What is Chevy Takes The Mic?

Chevy Takes the Mic was founded in October 2018 from a need to let my voice be heard. Originally, I created my blog because I felt that I was being silenced by my peers and I wasn’t able to share my opinions, but as my love for writing grew, it was only natural to share any and everything that inspired me.

I classify myself as a lifestyle blogger but I use this niche as an umbrella to cover every topic that I write about – from my natural hair journey, to travel, to beauty to relationships. The main thing that separates me from other lifestyle bloggers is the fact that I maintain my personality in all my posts and I’m a very honest and open person.

5k monthly page views
2.5k unique viewers
30 email subscribers


76% female
24% male
25% 18 -24 years old
54% 25 -34 years old         
21% 35 - 44 years old

80% unmarried


38% USA
32% JA
11% UK
19% Other

What Can I Offer You?

My blog is available for advertisements, giveaways, product reviews and sponsored posts.

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