Jun 22, 2019

Birchbox Review: The Ugly Truth - Not Worth My Money

Let’s talk about my Birchbox Beauty Subscription - it’s a no for me dawg.

Point blank. I already unsubscribed but for this post I’m getting as real as possible with you guys. I’ll be spilling my guts about the good, the bad and the in between because y’all need to know. 

So you all already know how hyped up I was about my Birchbox Subscription but if you have no clue what I’m talking about just go read this post first 6 Affordable Gift Ideas You’ll Love for Mother’s Day and then come back. When I say I was hyped I mean I was HYPED UP. I was seeing different people post their monthly boxes and watching a bunch of YouTube reviews along with the official posts from the company itself and to be completely honest I was excited to get my very first box. 

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What is Birchbox?

To put it simply, Birchbox is a subscription box service that provides you with beauty products without the hassle of searching for them yourself. They use a short quiz to get basic information about your hair, skin, personality and your makeup preferences so that they can create a group of personalized beauty products just for you. It’s basically a box of handpicked beauty products that matched your beauty profile for just $15. 

They bill subscribers on the 1st of every month (auto renewal) and the box ships by the 10th of each month. To me it was perfect - they provide me with beauty samples and if I liked them I could order the full-size product on their website - so that’s why I subscribed. 

I was itching to see what all the hype was about and I let them reel me in. Every time I’d attempt to order my box the little voice in my head would stop me by saying “Do you REALLY want to spend $15 on a subscription box?” and I’d end up closing the tab. This happened a couple times until I happened to find a blog post with a coupon code. And this is what got me. Cause I love me some deals. 

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It was a buy one get one coupon so technically I was getting two boxes for $15 and technically that was $7 per box and that’s pretty cheap for beauty products. So it wasn’t so bad. Right? Well in my head it made perfect sense and I used that logic to convince myself to sign up for the subscription. 

My boxes took a little over a week to arrive and literally 2 days after they did I got billed for the next month. I didn’t even get time to open the boxes much less assess them and decided whether or not I wanted to keep the subscription. 

That was the first “issue” I had with the subscription but I figured it was my fault because I subscribed at the end of April so I let it slide. After building up a week’s worth of anticipation I finally gave in and opened my boxes. I actually prefer the products/samples in April box than the ones in the free box but to be fair when something’s free you have to just take whatever you get. 

April Birchbox - What’s inside my April box? 

Here are the products I received in both boxes: 

Free Birchbox with subscription
May Birchbox 

Exactly one week after I opened these boxes my May box arrived and honestly guys I was disappointed the moment I picked up the box. It was as light as a feather and I’m not joking. I even shook the box to check whether it was empty or not. It wasn’t and it had me wondering if I signed up for the wrong subscription. I waited a while for my disappointment to pass and my boyfriend was the one that ended up opening the box for me. 

It wasn’t until he showed me the last product that I realized that I was the one the chose this specific box. I got the option to choose on the website and I chose this one because it looked cute and it was all about girl power. But lo and behold the pictures are deceiving. These samples look way bigger on the picture than in my hand. And I guess if you receive a full sized product in the box the other samples are going to be microscopic. 

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May Birchbox - What’s inside my May box? 

So to sum everything up:

The prices of the full-sized products are super high and Birchbox puts the S in Sample - the samples I received are literally the smallest sizes I’ve ever seen. I mean there is just enough for one use and I can’t even judge the results of said samples to see if I want to purchase the full-size. Also when I compared it to the Walmart Beauty box I felt completely ripped off. If I put the samples of all three boxes together they would make ONE Walmart box. Plus the box from Walmart is literally half the price. 

Like I said up top I cancelled my subscription and I think I’ll resubscribe if and only if the samples seem like they’re worth the $15. If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself here’s the link to signup >>> ( https://www.birchbox.com/invite/chevytakesthemic ). If you do sign up, I'd love to hear about your experience (if it's better than mine or worse, if you like it or not, etc) so just leave it in the comments below.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think in the comments. Were my expectations too high? Have you ever tried Birchbox? Should I resubscribe? 

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  1. Love the honesty! I’ve looked into the Birchbox... I used to do the ipsy bags! They’re fun! Have you tried them?? I love surprises!