May 25, 2019

I Think I’m Obsessed With Affordable Subscription Boxes

I’ve come to the realization that almost every season I get obsessed with something new. Well something new to me that is. 

First it was online shopping - I spent about US$1000 (not all at once) on clothes at Forever21 and Charlotte Russe. I swear to you they were just having sales back-to-back and I felt pressured into buying things. It was like high school all over again (peer pressure). However I think I got a bit carried away - as usual - especially since I was spending my own money. Luckily I didn’t end up wearing majority of the clothes I bought so I got to resell them. 

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Then I moved on to wigs - I just loved the fact that I didn’t have to comb my hair regularly if I had a wig to wear. I literally bought almost every type of wig that existed. I had a long one, straight one, long curly one, short curly one, a black one, a red one, a human hair one etc. You name it and I had it. They were so affordable and it was like I never had enough even though I could literally wear a new one everyday without repeats. Then to make matters worse YouTube kept suggesting wig installation videos for me to watch so I just kept getting reeled in. 

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This season it’s something out of the ordinary for me - subscription boxes. For those of you know me this might seem something completely strange because most subscription boxes are beauty related and I don’t even wear makeup. As a matter of fact, the only beauty items I own are: 
  • mascara (that I don’t use)
  • eyebrow pencil (that I don't need) and
  • a Burt's Bees vanilla lip balm that I can't live without.
So to find out that I’m paying to have boxes of beauty products sent to me monthly is definitely a shocker. 

In all honesty I just like the excitement of not knowing what I’ll be getting in the box every month. Pair that with the fact that they’re SUPER cheap and it’s a done deal.

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I Think I'm Obsessed with Affordable Subscription Boxes

You might be wondering how I got sucked into this craze and it’s simple - Instagram. AGAIN (see A White Christmas post for reference). I was literally minding my own business and scrolling through my explore page when I saw a post about a free subscription box, just pay shipping. Immediately my red flags went up because nothing could be that easy/simple so I ignored it and continued with my scrolling. 

About a week later I was thinking about ideas for a blog post and I figured that unboxings could be interesting but I needed something to unbox. So I googled reliable subscription boxes and that’s when I found out that Target had some. I ordered my first subscription box from Target then other companies started popping up as suggestions on my social media. I ended up watching people unbox theirs on YouTube then I ordered some more boxes. 

And now I have a total of four monthly subscriptions plus two others that I’m still contemplating. The ones I’ve subscribed to already are Target, Walmart, Birchbox and Ipsy and they were all under US$10 - except Birchbox which was $15. Each subscription is different in terms of availability and payment so I’m not really worried about the monthly sum that will be taken from my account.

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If you’re interested in getting your hands on a box for yourself here’s some more information about them: 




Subscription Type 




$5/ 3 months 
$7/ month +tax 
$10/ month + tax

Items Included 
4-6 samples 
4-6 samples
5 samples
5 samples/products
Billing & Delivery 

Billed every 3 months. Free shipping. 

You choose when to pay for a box. Free shipping 
Billed monthly on the same date. Free shipping 

Billed on the last day of every month. Free shipping 


My boxes were delivered surprisingly quickly but I am yet to open them and believe me when I say that the suspense is killing me. I don’t want to get my hopes up just in case I get disappointed when I do open them but the longer I take to open then is the greater my anticipation gets. I’m at the point where I pick up the boxes every now and then to check if they’re heavy. Then I judge the weight and guess if there are good sized products inside. It’s a bad habit but I can’t help it. 

I’ll be doing follow up posts when I actually unbox each of them and I’ll be going into details of the products I received and whether or not I’ll be keeping the subscription. So stay tuned! 

Comments Discussion 

Would you purchase a subscription box for yourself? 
Which of these boxes are you most excited to see unboxed? 

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  1. I don't really do subscription boxes but have always loved the idea. I just don't want to buy something that might disappoint me. That all being said I can't wait to see your un-boxing. Can I also just say that I love that you wear wigs. I've always wanted to because my hair just so boring and there isn't much you can do with curls.