Apr 15, 2019

Mystery Blogger Award - My Nomination

In the span of a week I got nominated for two awards - The Mystery Blogger Award and The Blogger Recognition Award - but instead of feeling excited like I normally do I felt disappointed. 

On one hand it’s like four awards and I’m still a new blogger - I’m killing the game! But on the other hand it’s like do I really deserve these awards because I’m AM a new blogger? Another thought I have is after I’ve achieved all these awards what’s left for the 10+ years that I’m planning to blog for? Am I going to have to create my own awards? 

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Anyways, I don’t want to spoil the fun so I’ll follow through with the process. 

As I stated before I got nominated for the The Mystery Blogger Award by Sophie from This Brilliant Day. Don’t get me wrong, I might be having mixed feelings about blogging awards but I’m extremely grateful and thankful that Sophie even considered me. 

You guys should go check out her blog because her posts are like a breath of fresh air in that they’re different from what a typical blogger would post. 

What is the Mystery Blogger Award? 

Since I started blogging I’ve seen this award floating around Twitter but like every other blogging award I don’t actually learn about them until I get nominated for it. 

So for those of you who are in the same boat as me The Mystery Blogger Award is a blogging award that was created by Okoto Enigma. It recognizes bloggers who have “ingenious posts” that captivates, motivates and inspires the readers. Bloggers who have a passion for blogging and find fun and inspiration from it are also recognized. 

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Mystery Blogger Award Rules 

  • Post the award image on your blog
  • Thank whoever nominated you and link to their blog
  • Post a description of the award, it’s creator and link back to the original site 
  • List the rules of the award
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself 
  • Share the links to your best post(s) 
  • Answer the questions you were asked by who nominated you 
  • Nominate 10-20 other bloggers for the award
  • Ask your nominees 5 of your own questions 
  • Notify your nominees

Three Things About Chevy

I think I’ve shared a lot of facts about myself already in my previous posts so to avoid repetition (and mostly because I can’t think of anything else) I’ll just link to those other posts. 

Go ahead and read these posts if you want to learn more about the true me: 

12 Random Facts About Me

Versatile Blogger Award >

Best Posts on Chevy Takes The Mic 

I’ll be judging my best posts on interaction and number of views - basically the posts that get the most love from my readers. 

Here are my top three posts (in no specific order): 

Questions from Sophie | This Brilliant Day 

  1. What is your favorite topic to write about? My favorite topic to write about is my natural hair. I really enjoy my journey and it’s cool that I get to share it with others. 
  2. What’s your favorite song or piece of music? My favorite song to this day is Best Part by Daniel Cesar but at the moment I’m leaning towards 2 STEPPIN’ by John Givez because this is the first song bae and I slow-danced to. 
  3. What’s your favorite book or a book you’ve enjoyed recently? To be honest I haven’t read any books lately (a part from school textbooks) but I’ve been craving a V.C. Andrews book since forever. 
  4. What’s your favorite way to relax? This is going to sound like a scratched record but my favorite way to relax is by binge-watching a tv show
  5. What’s your favorite form of exercise? I kinda enjoy doing squats because they strengthen my legs and butt plus the burn feels good. 
  6. Have you ever tried cooking or baking something and it went completely wrong? Yes, EVERY TIME I cook but it just turns into something else flavor wise. Still edible though!

Nominees for the Mystery Blogger Award

And now the hard part - finding 10 other bloggers who I believe need to be recognized. Here are my nominees:

Questions For My Nominees

  1. If you l could only watch one movie for the rest of your life which one would it be? 
  2. What article of clothing could you give up for a year? 
  3. Cereal then milk or milk then cereal? 
  4. What is one thing you will never be caught wearing? 
  5. Pineapple on pizza - Definitely or Heck no?

Once again thank you Sophie for the nomination and have fun answering the questions! 

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  1. I loved reading this, and thank you for the kind words about my blog! I know what you mean about feeling like you will run out of awards to achieve - but you definitely deserve the ones you have been given! I love the answers to my questions too, and I'm going to check out those songs!

    1. Thank you so much for nominating me and I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post.

  2. Yo deserve the Nominations and the Awards to come. Happy Easter.

    1. Thank you so much! Happy (Belated) Easter to you too!

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination. I have been so busy that I am just getting ready to post my nomination post, so I Thank You again, very much. I enjoyed reading your answers!