Nov 25, 2018

Liebster Award - I've Been Nominated!

Liebster Award nominee, 12 Random Facts About Chevy, Let's get back to business, Self care, me, time, listening, Black girl, blog, natural hair, natural hair care, blogging @Chevytakesthemic
"Never did I think I'd get nominated for a blogging award."

I started my blog from a need; a dire need to relieve myself. Relieve all my pent up frustrations, and any/ everything I was holding in (good and bad). To put it simply I wanted a release - a voice; I wanted to be heard. I always thought that maybe I should speak louder and people would listen but I was still ‘ignored’. Later on I realized that I just needed a different channel. And that’s when it came to me - I could start a blog.

If someone told me that I’d be nominated for a blogging award I’d probably believe them but that would be followed by the thought ‘most likely in a couple years’. Because it’s not impossible, it would just take a lot of time and hard work. Probably after 50 blog posts and getting my own domain name I’d end up nominating myself for the award. That’s more understandable.

I never would’ve thought that I’d be nominated for a blogging award; especially not after my first month of blogging. Nonetheless I’m extremely thankful for Kelly (The Peppermint Pixie) for not only considering me for this award but taking the time to nominate me as well.

Kelly is a seasoned blogger whose posts include her travels, daily life, mommy duties and book reviews. She’s a foodie (like me) and enjoys snuggling up with a book and making memories with her family.

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This nomination came to me as a complete surprise especially at a time like this when my writers’ block is so severe. I’ve been sitting on an incomplete post for about three weeks simply because I can’t seem to get the wording right. I sincerely thank you Kelly because now I have a reason to fight my writers’ block and continue creating new content. Thank you The Global Aussie for creating the Liebster Award because this serves as inspiration for newbie bloggers and seasoned bloggers as well. Just knowing that your work is being recognized brings satisfaction.

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award and in short it is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers. Meaning bloggers nominate other bloggers and at the end of the year one is chosen as the awardee.


1.    Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog
2.    Answer the questions given to you
3.    Create more questions for your nominees to answer
4.    Add your link to the site.
5.    Comment on the Liebster award blog post and leave a link to your post.
6.    Make your nominations and leave the link to their blogs in your post for everyone to take a look at
Let’s get into it!

Cardi B, 12 Random Facts About Chevy, Let's get back to business, Self care, me, time, listening, Black girl, blog, natural hair, natural hair care, blogging @Chevytakesthemic

My Answers

1.    If you could have just one wish, what would it be? I wish I wouldn’t have to worry about anything, that I’d be able to live a carefree, happy life. “Chevy you worry too much” is a phrase I hear almost every day and I want to change that.

2.    What is your favorite song? My favorite song is something that changes depending on how I’m feeling when I listen to it. But the one song I find myself repeating now and the in Best Part by Daniel Caesar. There’s just something about that song that gets me every listen.

3.    If you could go back to an era in time, which would you choose and why? I would go back to the Victorian era so I could wear fancy, puffy dresses, write letters and get courted.  

4.    Which super power do you want and what would be the first thing you would do with it? I’ve always wanted to have a superpower, more specifically teleportation. It’s just really cool being able to go anywhere you want to just by thinking about it. I’ll even spice it up and teleport anywhere why snapping my fingers. This might seem boring but the first thing I’d do is teleport to my classes so I can sleep longer. 

12 Random Facts About Chevy, Let's get back to business, Self care, me, time, listening, Black girl, blog, natural hair, natural hair care, blogging @Chevytakesthemic

5.     If you could invite 5 celebrities to a dinner party, who would you choose and why? My dinner party would definitely need to have Will & Jada Smith, Ellen, Chrissy Teigen and Taraji P Henson. It’s ideal for one’s spirit to have good, genuine people around you and that’s why I chose these people. Plus it would be one hell of a party with nonstop jokes.

6.    What do you wish to have accomplished in 5 years’ time? By 2023 I wish to be married to the love of my life, have an apartment/ a small housemaid either have my second degree or started it.

I'll marry myself gif, 12 Random Facts About Chevy, Let's get back to business, Self care, me, time, listening, Black girl, blog, natural hair, natural hair care, blogging @Chevytakesthemic

7.    What’s your favorite type of food? I love sandwiches because almost everything can be made into a sandwich. Just add bread.

8.    Where would your dream holiday be? My dream holiday isn’t a specific place; it’s more of a setting that could be in almost any country. I would love to visit the countryside with hills/mountains, tall trees, open land and fresh air. It would be private but not secluded with a cabin and a river nearby.

9.    What is top of your 2019 buck list? Go on vacation - I want to go on a real vacation. Book a hotel room, plan activities and just make memories.

10. Who’s your biggest inspiration and why? At this moment my biggest inspiration is Jada Pinkett-Smith. I admire the way she carries herself, relates to others, her free spirit and I’m amazed by the advice that she gives freely. I aspire to be like her as I get older.

Jada Pinkett-Smith, 12 Random Facts About Chevy, Let's get back to business, Self care, me, time, listening, Black girl, blog, natural hair, natural hair care, blogging @Chevytakesthemic

11. What would your one wish be for the world? My wish is unity - unity among all nations/countries. I want the world to get to a point where each nation/country will help each other not just in times of crisis. I also want them to be unified because we are all a part of one planet and it’s not a competition. Having this unity is the only way to world peace. 


Joy - Frugal, Fab and Joy

Check out their pages!

Questions for my nominees

1.    If you had to eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

2.    What type of water do you drink? (Spring/Purified or Cold/Room Temp)

3.    What season do you think represents you?

4.    What gender do/did you want your first child to be and why?

5.    What’s the worst movie you’ve watched?

6.    If you could be a Marvel superhero, who would it be?

7.    What is the last dream that you remember?

8.    What mythical beings do you believe exist/existed?

9.    How did blogging change your life?

10. Unicorn or Mermaid?

11. You have US$500, 5 days and a free plane ticket. Where are you going?

Have fun tackling these questions! And remember to get creative!

***For everyone reading***
Choose one question and leave your answer below.

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  1. These are in fact wonderful ideas in concerning blogging.
    You have touched some nice things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  2. What gender would I want my first child to be? I would want my first child to be a male. Reason being I admire the big brother/little sister relationship. Never had a brother and I would want my daughter to experience that because males are really great protectors for the women they love. Also having a big brother is like having two dads

    1. I too want my first child to be a boy but only because I think it might be easier to care for a boy than a girl.

  3. My worst movie? Gosh.....I've watched some pretty bad ones. The one that I can remember now though is that parody to Hunger Games entitled "Starving Games." I don't know why I thought that would be good. Anyways, congrats Chev! Keep inspiring people.

    1. I never watch Starving Games but I’ll definitely add it to my list. Thanks for reading

  4. Sandwiches are such a good favorite food!! They can really be made from anything. I love putting chips in them, or my fave sweet one is peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. Can’t wait to answer these questions. Thank you so much for the tag!

    Cheers xx

    Rachel |

    1. I’ve never heard about a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich but thanks for letting me know that it’s sweet.

  5. Mermaid ofcourse!! Congrats on the nomination and continue the good work !

    1. Lol I prefer unicorns but to each their own. Thanks and stay tuned.

  6. Congrats on your nomination! The last dream I remembered vividly was about a tsunami. It all happened so suddenly, I was about to Purchase an item while on the beach next thing I know I Was running and screaming telling everyone to head to higher grounds .. I woke up when it almost covered me

    1. Thanks! That is a very vivid dream, did you ever remember anything else from it?

  7. Well done on getting nominated. If I had $500, 5days and a free plane ticket I would go to a poor country and do a charity event.

    1. Thank you! And I love that you would do charity with this opportunity.

  8. What’s the worst movie you’ve watched?
    The worst movie I have ever watched is definitely live action, Avatar the Last Airbender. It was a cringey mess. On another note this blog is well written and an enjoyable read. All the best and congratulations!

    1. Haha I watched that too! I was expecting so much more especially since everyone hyped it up. Anyways, thanks for reading!

  9. What season represents me? I would say Spring, Spring is a time for growth and evolution and I'm always willing to grow and evolve with everyday better than the other.

    1. Thanks for reading Shakeria! I also think that Spring represents change and I guess that's why people do 'Spring Cleaning'.