Oct 22, 2018

Chevy Takes The Mic

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Where do I begin? 

Have you ever felt trapped? 

Not literally but trapped in the sense that you can’t talk what you’re thinking, can’t have fun or do weird things. Being too scared to express yourself for fear of what others might think or where it might end up. Or is that you value others’ opinions so much that you suppress yourself, your true self, to fit into their standards. 

Well I know that all too well. 

Sadly I value what other people think of me. First it’s my parents then my friends then comes along my employers and finally the general public. When am I going to love myself enough to not care about what anyone else thinks? 

So what if I listen to kpop? So what if I like wearing baggy T-shirts and not combing my hair? So what?! 
It’s my hair and it’s my body. Why do I have to concern myself with whether or not people approve? If keep following what they think is the right way then I’ll never get to live. I’ll never get to experience life the way I want to. 

And that’s why I created this blog. 
I’m taking the mic. I’m making this my show and I’m expressing what I’m feeling. What truly matters. Me. I’m expressing me. 

So welcome to Chevy Takes The Mic

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  1. Keep writing! Love hearing your thoughts

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!! It's also a daily reminder that your voice deserves to be heard and there are people out there that would love to hear and support what you have to say...I love it!!!!